All white tips

The all-white look never goes out of fashion or trend. It is classic. A single coat of this hue can instil so many emotions in people. Also, it can work as a great canvas for your inner artistic display. Further, it gives a feeling of grandeur with a great light reflection that makes your space lively and vibrant. Lastly, no one can negate the fact that a splash of white can make any space look crisp and clean.

Let the walls live

Without stressing about coordinating with colours, mount up the wall with pieces of your choice. Either you can keep a theme or go overboard and loud with all mix match and display out your personality. Add books, artworks, sculptural pieces and whatnot of your choice and let them be the point of focus. Mind you, no other colour gives life to these mounted pieces than white or its shades.

Touch of neutrals

The white base gives you the most liberty to be playful with your furniture. Add neutral colours to your space like a black chair-table, green sofa set or a bright colour dining table. With these things, your space will give a very tranquil feel. Also, don't shy away from bold contrast and colours. A bold rug can give a very chic twist to space.

Go retro

All white is the best refuge for all minimalists who like to give out a statement with minimum things in place. Add your retro, vintage and boho furniture to this decor and feel the whole vibe of the era and there is nothing more classic than a white.

Neutral light choice

White reflects light. Also often people paint their wall in white to create an illusion of space. Here, go for natural lighting to give a very warm and cosy vibe to the room. Here, you can also add a mirror for perfect reflection and a touch of elegance.

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