Attend your walls!

Walls are the most lively part of any decor. It peeps into your privacy and hears your tales. Its importance is such that people when renovating their space, first pay deep heed to their wall colors. Their tales don’t end there. Once you are done fixing furniture, unattended and blank walls gets all attention.

Those empty walls are filled with possibilities. With your artistic fervor, you can twist these walls from stark and dull to stylish centerpiece canvas.

Customize them

Whether you are a traveler who loves to preserve souvenirs, an art collector, a nature lover or a bibliophile, your walls are your canvas. Glam them up with your pieces and customize your space with a gallery wall so that you can be surrounded by things you adore.

Giant art on that wall

Instead of going for small paintings and art, go for an oversized art, painting or a big clock for a wall. They will indeed command attention and give a vibe to that space. For minimalists, try a black and white form. Also, you can add mirrors on the wall. They reflect light, thus helping a small space to feel bigger and brighter.

Decorate it

Use bright colors and bold paints to create an accent wall or one can add wallpapers to give it an effect. Here, instead of just adding things to the wall, how about you decorate the whole wall to make it look more lively and vibrant. Here, you can also add an element of fabric to the wall to add a certain vibe to space.

Attend your walls!

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