Brilliant ideas and tips to beautify your small apartment

Are you wondering what to do with your pesky small apartment and how to make the most of the floor plan? Have you ever thought about how to arrange your furniture and fit in more seating? Have you ever struggled with how to get in more light in your apartment? If your answer is yes to these questions, then this blog is just for you. Read here the best ideas to expand the square footage of your apartment in the best way.

   Brilliant ideas and tips to beautify your small apartment

  • Use mirrors for reflection

Get your reflection on by making use of beautiful mirrors. You can make your cramped space feel spacious and airy with mirrors. You can use multiple mirrors to display a dramatic impact. Also, by reflecting all the available light in the room, they create an illusion of more space.  

  • Put large furniture

You may feel afraid of putting too-large furniture pieces in a tiny space. But sometimes, if you use big furniture that hugs the wall, then you will get a room that is perfect for seating a large number of guests. And also, it will feel welcoming and warm.  



  • Keep things linear

You can implement varying geometric and linear prints. This provides the illusion of additional length and width and also gives a small space a sense of structure.

  • Make use of tiny keepsakes

If your living room is small, then you can make use of tiny keepsakes and treasures to make it look cosy and welcoming. By doing this, everyone’s attention is occupied by all personal accessories.  

  • Lose the legs

Going leg-free and attaching units directly to the wall is a great option if you are looking to add storage and display surfaces to your apartment. The eyes are tricked into thinking that lesser space has been taken up when floating large pieces are used. This happens because the floor area is still free. Moreover, this newly found space can be used for more storage in case you need it.

  • Insert the wow factor

In some cases, you can visually increase the square footage in a space by keeping the eye in motion constantly. For this, you can go for features like pattern on pattern, bold color next to bold color, and many more. This will result in homey perfection.

  • Use strange angles in a clever way

To properly weigh and focus a room with awkward angles, a feature wall is a great option. You can use a bold, floral wallpaper for grabbing everyone’s attention to the seating area.

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