Choosing the right sofa

Sofas!! Its a piece of furniture where we lounge, read, eat, drink and socialise. Having a living room without a sofa is like having food without salt. So, undoubtedly its one of the most important investment one can make and hence, it makes sense that one takes the time to invest in one that’s going to last for years to come.

Deciding a right kind of sofa requires great thinking. Think of desired shape, room size, sofa size, functionality, colour matching decor and much more before putting your hands on one.

Measure up!

Foremost, measure the space that you wish to allocate to this eye candy. This is important because basis on this you’ll understand the type you want to buy: bigger, smaller, narrow, single seater. Further, understand your requirements, whether you want a low-seating sofa or a high-seating sofa. Don’t forget to acknowledge the presence of coffee tables, side tables or lamps if you are planning to install.

Understand its placement

Whether you want to place it next to walls, fireplace or windows, this should be well thought upon in advance. If you are eyeing to create a focal point for your space, make sure you have it covered too in your deliberations. Natural light is always pleasant in your living.

Ponder upon its need

Whether you are looking for sofa to lie on or entertain guest, its function will affect its shape and size too. Some also want a multifunctional sofa for space crunch, here sofa cum bed is your grace. Once the purpose is solve, a lot of spacing and practical issues irons out.

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