Dine in style!

The dining area is any home’s central room. Its a place where you sit and shun your guards and discuss day long stress and memories. It's a place that brings all cluttered housemates together.

From quick fixes to pocket-friendly ideas, use these tips to glam your dining space and eat in style.

Define the territory

Define your dining space by adding wallpapers to its nearby walls matching the set. Nor will this give a very nested touch to space but will also add more vibrancy and liveliness to space. Also, you can add a texture of neutral to your space for seamless vision and finish. Also, instead of doing that, you can paint the floor to give it an impact.

White is gold

It's hard to find placements for basics as they are classic. It's hard to beat a classic white wall as its bright and clean look gives a blank canvas to your decor to play around. Further, it also reflects light which gives an illusion of a bigger space. Along with being warm and inviting.

Unusual seating

Break the monotony by picking dining set in vibrant colours that brighten up the whole space. Choose a set with bright coloured chairs like natural green, playful orange or blush pink to make your space look inviting.

Circular table

Break the tradition by opting for a circular table. A room packed with square furniture can make it look cramped, add a dynamic element to your space with circular ones. Further, it is best if you are looking for furniture in a space-bound scenario as with it, it's easier to walk around in tight spaces.

Unexpected touch

Table and chair take the whole limelight of the room. But, you can add more elements to space by adding a bold floral tablecloth to hide sudden stains, adding a curtain demarcating the space from rest to make it feel more intimate, adding pillows here and there.

Define that adjacent wall

Hang your family memories on the back wall to give it a very personal touch. Nothing beats playing with spoons and staring that photo and have a walk down the memory lane with brushed up talks and chats.

Dine in style!

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