Go vintage!

Old is gold. A touch of vintage to your space can add so many elements to your house. From incorporating vintage pieces to having some hacks that give the same chic look, decorating a home is definitely an art that everyone doesn’t have.

Spice your space with some simple vintage pieces that will be the spotlight in your home decor. You not always need an antique and expensive piece to bring that old charm to your space.

Add chandeliers and lamps

Beautifully carved chandeliers and tall lamps are hallmarks of vintage vibe in houses. Get your hands on one of this that can be added to your living room or bedroom on different sizes for the desired vibe and colour. Plenty of them is available in markets in innumerable options to choose from to get a look straight out of the 19th century.

Add pendulum and wall clocks

Add statement pendulums and antique clocks to the wall to give a vibe of past decades. Easily accessible, they give a very vintage yet chic twist to your space. A look that is timeless! Here, you can also add mirrors with intricately designed frames to add that extra oomph.

Carved furniture

Furniture these days comes with detailing on its designs. Be it a bed of vintage old design or headrest made with detailing or cabinet of rustic vintage colours and combination, adding a touch of classic to your space needs mind and creativity.

Wooden effect

Furniture made out of wood and different types and colours of wood is classic. Royal armchair or swing chair can be used as an accent piece. A flooring covered with rugs, carpets can enhance the whole decor.

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