How colors and patterns of living room reflect your personality

Your personality can be expressed in a number of ways. Your home and the way you decorate it also reflect your traits. The colors on your walls or the sofa you buy totally reflect how you are as a person. The most central part of your home is the living room. It is the place for entertainment, hanging out, watching television, relaxing, and spending quality time with your loved ones. The way it is decorated says a lot about you as it is the most visible part of your home. People may make certain assumptions about you based on that. This article presents the top ways your living room replicates your personality.  

Colors and patterns say a lot

Your color preferences say so much about you that you don’t even realise sometimes. The color palette you choose for your walls, floor and furniture reflects your personality. For instance, dark shades present a more self-assured side. If you are more inclined towards the hues on the darker area of the color wheel, then probably you are a more forward and bolder person than someone who prefers soft creams or pastels. If you are a more sophisticated (and less clumsy) person, then chances are that you would prefer light-colored carpets, walls and furniture.

There are colors that can indicate certain personality traits of yours. Some of them are as follows:

  • Yellow- Likes to express individuality through logic
  • Red- Highly physical person who likes to experience with all five senses
  • Orange- Extremely sociable person requiring acceptance and respect from everyone
  • Brown- Has a deep need for a comfortable and safe life surrounded by friends and family
  • Purple- Needs emotional security (spiritually as well), enjoys order and aims for perfection

The patterns that you use in your living room also present a pretty accurate picture of your personality. For instance, the pattern of classic pinstripes reflects that the person is classy and has his/her life together. It can be said that poor décor choices mean poor life choices. So, it becomes very important that you opt wisely.   

Of course, you should decorate for yourself as per your own choices. But the fact is that your décor preferences reflect who you are and people make assumptions about you based on that. And that’s why, it becomes very important for you to decorate your room as per your personal tastes while keeping in mind “What does my living room say about me?”

How colors and patterns of living room reflect your personality

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