How to design your room based on Indian Culture?

Decorating the house according to your choice is necessary to make it a warm and happy space. Some people love European interiors while some prefer modern designs.



Here are a few tips to decorate your room based on our Indian culture:




  1. Antique or wooden furniture: Antique furniture adds an Indian touch to the room. Wooden furniture of dark and deep brown color makes the space perfect. For ages, Indian homes have been wooden housing furniture made from teak, bamboo, etc. Add a few wooden furniture as it is durable, comfortable, and very Indian.


  1. Artifacts: Placing a few unique and funky objects here and there in the room will improve the aesthetics of the room. Keep a shelf or a stand and place all the artifacts or place small artifacts randomly across the room. Some of the most preferred artifacts if you want to give an Indian touch include idols of Ganesha or Krishna, Autos, Indian monuments, Elephants, and many more.


  1. Paintings: Make a blank and dull wall attractive by adding a few paintings. Pictures can be of Buddha, Ganesha, Radhe Krishna, Indian streets, or merely colorful flowers. Adding a few portraits of different sizes can make the room fresh and colorful.


  1. Vibrant and bright colors: Paint the rooms with a bright color. If you are not a fan of vibrant shades, paint three walls with a light color and make the fourth wall colorful. Colors like orange, yellow, red, and green match with the Indian theme. You can make the wall more beautiful by adding designs with gold or silver paint.


  1. Fabrics: Make sure to use materials like jute, cotton, silk, or Khadi, etc. for sofas and beds. Add square or round cushions to the sofas and beds. Make sure to choose vibrant covers for all the upholstery. Silk curtains are always the best and add a royal Indian feel to the room.


These are a few creative ideas to decorate your room in terms of the Indian tradition.

Enjoy a happy and warm home with Indian interior designs!

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