Is modular kitchen really worth the price?

Is modular kitchen really worth the price?

Modernity comes with many facets. The new bandwagon that never goes out of buzz is the need to have a modular kitchen space in your house. This hype has gripped people so hard that it is certainly the next big thing in the kitchen trends. Modernity amalgamated with utmost utilisation is the key drivers of this concept. However, every coin has its two sides. The sleek modular kitchen is mode organised and pleasing to eyes that the trusted carpenter-built one, but do this smartness and efficiency alludes and justifies its cost? Dive in and make your choose!

From being an eye-pleaser, efficient space utilisation to a wide variety of options to choose from, some of these pros tells its tale. However, its high-cost value, delicate ensembles and high maintenance allude to some of its cons that leave people scratching their minds over its worthiness.

Scratching the surface, some of its pros are, its sleek, modern easy establishment with organised compartments serves as the major eye candy for all. Its smarter and modern choices, done with straight-line designs and sophisticated finishes make them look more luxurious than regular kitchens. Secondary, it provides a wide range to choose from, based on different sizes and colours. Its versatile nature that’s combines tall units, wall storage, cabinets, drawers, floor-standing cabinets and dedicated shelves or space for appliances gives you everything sorted under one roof, uncluttered. Lastly, its durability is top-notch. Unlike wooden ensembles, modular kitchens are resistant to termites and other borers as they are made out of high-quality plywood. Also, with their smooth and water-resistant surfaces, these kitchens are simple to clean. 

Flipping the coin, its high cost is the major pricking factor. They come at an increased cost compared to traditionally crafted kitchens. Features such as pull out units, bottle racks or baskets can elevate the price considerably. Also, while the units are easy to replace compared to hand-built cabinets, the process could be expensive. So, maintenance cost is a big factor too. Secondly, because these are wooden built to say, their maintenance demands regular attention. Just to avoid marks of last night added spices, make sure you clean it after every prepared meal.

Some people move with time, while some likes to keep things conventional, handy and under watch. The budget is of primary importance but factors such as area, usage, attention and usability are worth considering.

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