Minimalist home decor tips

If there is one decor that perfectly blends comfort and utility, it is the minimalist decor. Minimalism is an art that demands the most time as we tend to go overboard with our decor choices, always!! But, its the most powerful form of statement decor, if you do it right.

A smart and well-thought choice of comfortable and understated furniture mixing with well-curated artwork and decorative pieces is the key to ace the minimalist game.

The utility is the star

Build your space around furniture. For instance, if designing a living room, make the sofa star of the space; if bedroom, make the bed focus of the room without adding anything to distract the gaze. The key giveaway here is to keep everything else like side table and cabinets playing supporting roles with more focus on the functionality furniture. Also choose something that is sleek, neat and not loud. Keep it simple so that you can play around with aesthetics later on.

Layer it up

Minimalism comes with a great giveaway of cosiness. Once your functionality scope is sorted, shift to creating your space look cosier. You can do this by layering contrasts together for visual interests as with this your space will look more thought-provoking, intriguing and it will yell out the effort you took to place it together. You can do this by adding a classic rug to your living space, detailed headrest bedding, a furry blanket on a subtle bed.

Accessories your space

Styling your space with accessories and artistic fervour gives a very personal and cosy touch to your space. Add an aesthetic touch to your space by putting woven curtains or sheets, vintage rugs, big wall clock to give a classic vibe, adding wall arts and mirrors, gallery wall or a library rack, twisted candles in a corner or adding a touch of nature with plants and flowers. With this, your space will look vibrant and lively while preserving balance.

Keep it natural

Paint your walls white or in shades of white, add wooden classic furniture to your space with a touch of plants here and there and a defined balcony will be all that one needs to bring an element of the outside world to the inside world.

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