Modern ideas to decor your bedroom

Modern ideas to decor your bedroom

Bedroom happens to be something that defines your sanctuary. Whether you keep it simple or exotic, it reflects your inner self. Also, a good design has the power to promote a positive mood. For those eyeing minimalist subtle styles to modern rustic decor schemes, there is something here to suit everyone.

Firstly, the colour of your room defines your state. Make your choice wisely. Paint those walls in calm hues like white and blue as not just it makes the space looks spacious but also it alludes to calmness, relaxation and positivity. Further, for those who find it too pale, plastering your wall with wallpapers not only lighten ups your room and wall but also gives a majestic enlarged vision to the bed when placed at the attached wall. Play around with colours on furniture installed.

Secondly, give your modern bedroom design a platform. Platform beds are a great giver of modern bedroom designs. By framing your bed, it gives it a majestic view. Here, you can create a custom headboard and nightstands by simply applying the material of the platform to the wall behind the bed and setting up adjacent stands in the same pattern. Not only will it complement the platform bed colour and ties it and the nightstands together visually but will give it a very thematic vibe. Also, you can lighten up your headboard with LED light and shade. A little perk, adding storage space can serve a great rack for your book displays.

Thirdly, the dominant presence of a bed in a bedroom makes it look symmetrical and boring. Here, playing around with corners by adding a chair, sofa, table or a beanbag not only soften the corners, loosen up the static look but will give it a very cosy vibe. Further, you can go asymmetrical with bedroom pendant lights.

Fourthly, love your lighting. From lighting up walls with artistic pieces, frames, LED lights, book racks and painting, two things that should not be left unconsidered is a classy wall clock and fan on the ceiling. Unimportant it may sound, but a unique fan uplifts your décor. Similarly, a clock is something you end and start your day with, make sure it’s worth the stare. Here, layering up ceiling lighting is a great art these days.

Let your bedroom breathe!

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