Nature to your space

Bringing exteriors to your interiors, i.e. bringing nature in your home is timeless, classy and soothing. Natural home decor ideas and deliberations are never cliched and it is the best elegant choice one can make.

There are many ways in which you can do this. Incorporating plants, adding fake plants in interiors and real ones in the balcony; incorporating natural materials like wooden furniture in your decor; and adding natural-fibre textiles and prints inspired by nature in form of sheets and rugs to your space.

Rustic bedroom

Adding warm, subtle and neutral colours to your space that invites you in. Add wooden detailing, a sleek wood bed frame, natural fabrics here and there and a bit of plants here and there to ignite positivity and solace in the room. Imagine and think, who wouldn’t want to wake up in this space every morning and see the sun.

Modern dining with a twist

Put your wood delight on show here. This space gives you access to combine all sorts of woods in furniture, decoration and even utensils. Wooden dining set in deep brown hue is an eye-pleaser for any dining space that takes attention.

Paint it all white

White has a very refreshing and unmatched vibe of its own. Also, mix-matching it with little bright colour or pastel colours here and there in the form of cabinets and table, subtle coloured sofa, bright lights, draped bedding and some detailing here and there will make any space radiate. Here, if you add deep colours of wood, natural textures and plenty of plants, the vibe will be unmatched.

Add a mirror

Nothing looks more natural than a space filled with natural light. Let the fresh air come in through open windows and balcony and just where the sunlight falls or in the living room add a mirror that will not only up the decor game but will also reflect light in the whole house.

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