Pretty bathroom ideas

If you dread walking into your bathroom space then surely it needs a makeover. Its a place on self-time for some where you sit, relax and introspect.

From setup tips to mounted wall ideas and colour scheme, read through to find the right pick that fits your style.

Adding wallpapers

Bring your space to life by adding vibrant and natural wallpaper designs matching your decor vibe. With a smart wallpaper on wall, it will make your walls look cosier, customised while at the same time add an element of fun creating a little private space.

Smartly organised

A great way to keep your bathroom clean, tidy and fresh is by having few handy baskets, laundry bins and trays to organise extra clothes or toiletries. You can do this by having a bathroom cabinet or hanging shelves and stuffing them on these for chic clean look.

Use the wall

Rather than incorporating much on base, use the walls of bathroom to give a twist to utilities. Likewise, in small bathrooms, making use of available wall space is crucial. Use corners to add few shelves that can be further used to place daily toiletries and decorations.

Touch of nature

With little addition of a lush green plant, a colourful vibrant rug, window enhancement, vintage chandelier and some wooden table to sit on are some ways in which you can turn your bathroom as decorative as other parts of house.

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