Small living room ideas – Decorating and creating space in a compact sitting room

If you find your living room to be cramped and cluttered, then you would not want to spend time in there. But there is a solution to this problem. There are a few tips that would create an illusion of a bigger space. It’s not magic, it’s just clever styling. Get ready to unlock the potential of your compact living room and make it your stylish oasis for yourself and your family.

Top tips to create more space

With these clever design tricks and tips, you can supersize your space and make a small living room look perfectly proportioned.

Small living room ideas – Decorating and creating space in a compact sitting room

  1. Using mirrors to create space

This is the most effective trick if you are willing to create more space in a small living room. Simply by adding more mirrors, you can create the illusion of space. You can cover an entire wall by using an over-sized mirror. The mirror will reflect back light and thus, an illusion of double interior space will be created. Moreover, try keeping the colour palette light as this will aid in the overall effect.

  1. Making your own entertainment center

Create your own media center by freeing up floor space from storage units. Doing this will result in minimal space. For small living rooms, wall-mounted TV is always the best choice. You can fix an MDF panel to the wall and install the TV screen and floating shelves on it. This will allow for storage without consuming much space. The area below the bottom shelf can be used for items such as slim drawer units or drum storage stools as extra storage.

  1. Utilizing awkward architectural spaces

In some cases, a living room may lack space because of awkward room proportions. Unique features such as bay windows are often responsible for logistical nightmares for laying out furniture. But you can use this space to your advantage. A small-scale sofa can neatly fit into the position and this will take no valuable floor space. Also, these unusual areas can be used to house larger, bulkier furniture pieces such as sideboards and TV units. Thus, the rest of the petite room is prevented from getting overpowered by the pieces because the space would remain unused anyway. 

  1. Hanging baskets for extra wall storage

If you have a cramped living room, then you should make the most of your floor space by keeping it clutter-free. You can use attractive willow baskets on walls to solve the storage problem. These look beautiful and also, they are sturdy enough to hold all types of clutter. They can be easily hanged from decorative hooks that can take heavyweights. You can put toys, books, magazines, and other stuff that otherwise tends to lie on the floor.

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