Style in low budget

Change is the only constant thing in life. Here also, nothing beats the charm and fun of redecorating a room and feeling like you’ve walked into a new space. Here, many would want to do some here and there in pocket-friendly ways. Follow these tips to grab some idea.


Hand-painted wallpaper

Invest in your house and give a personal touch to your space by painting your walls. Here, with leftover paint, you can design your wallpaper wall with your artistic taste. All it needs is a brush, extra paint and your time. This fun activity can completely transform your space and will cost nothing extra on your pocket.

Paint your furniture

Buying a piece of furniture is the most tiresome task that costs the most. Here, you can twist your present stock and give it a new look by painting them in colours that compliment your walls and home decor theme. From painting coffee tables, a side table to even dressing table in colourful patterns, all this can be done with a few boxes of paint.

Add floating shelves to walls

Rather than investing in an expensive cupboard, add floating shelves to your walls and give a very artistic twist to your space by mounting your art and decor pieces on them. For bibliophiles, you can convert this into a wall library for your solace. Also, you can hang some of your memorable photos on the wall and turn a narrow wall into a wall of memory.

Mirror on the wall

Find a giant rustic mirror as this piece will serve multiple purposes in your space. From giving an illusion of more space to your small spaces to acting as a great piece of art in your space, the role of the mirror is multifunctional in any home decor.

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