Tips to decorate your balcony

Undoubtedly, there is no better place than a balcony to bring exteriors into interiors. Well-thought ideas can turn this monotonous looking space into an urban oasis of plants, or you can convert it into a favourite reading or sipping tea spot and lastly, it can turn into a great place of hangout.

Follow these simple tips and turn your space into a glammed up one.


Space-saving furniture

Majority of balconies come with limited space. Also, if that is not the scenario with you why would you anyways stuff your balcony. Leaving it open with spaces is the first things one should do. Don’t overdo it. Here, adding space-saving furniture like a small chair or a wooden bench with a subtle throw cloth with plants around, this is all you would need. Cosiness is what we all need their, make sure you do it accordingly.

Light elements

Adding a stunning light piece to your balcony can totally jazz up your exteriors. Here, go for lanterns, LED lights or metallic pendant lights. Best way to complement this light would be keeping it amongst natural setup. Wooden chairs or a plant. Also, you can add shade to give that cheerful edge to space.

Turn it into a lively space

A tip that goes miles is that one when designing a balcony should treat it as a living room. Decorate it in such a way that you would like to spend time there. For this, adding an armchair, a comfortable couch with a coffee table and swing chair will be just fine.

Plant it

Let your inner plant parent shine. The best accessory for any balcony is plants. Greens should be the prominent colour of your balcony. Make sure you add an element of plants to your space and nurture them regularly.

Enhance it with architecture

For a wrap-around balcony, the best way to glam it is by adding architectural details to it by decorating anchor pieces around corners.

Your balcony should be something that consumes your vacation vibe and strives. Make sure you add an element of that too to your balcony.

Tips to decorate your balcony

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