Tips to incorporate mirrors in space

Beyond bathrooms and dressing tables, mirrors could be your secret weapon in the time of home decorating. Far from being a practical object of use, a beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views in your space. Few would know as to how with an addition of a mirror to space, one can just change the vibe of the decor. There are myriads of problems with a room that can be masked or even corrected by the right placement of mirrors.

Areas that are too small or too wide; areas that lack natural sunlight; cluttered spaces or a room devoid of right focus- all of these can be rectified by a right placement of a mirror.


Enhance small rooms

Mirrors are a cunning way to deceive an eye. It could be used as something that can enhance something or deflect attention away from something. In a small room, often one finds sloping ceilings and a gap too small to fit a furniture, here this can be repurposed by adding a mirror to space. Also, adding too much in a small space can be quite bothersome. Hence, adding a mirror can make your space feel much larger and lively.


Brighten up your room

Mirrors reflect light, strategically placing it can stimulate sunlight and brighten up a dark room or a room lacking natural light. Here, placing it next to the window can save us from the struggle. If you don’t have windows entertaining sunlight, then you can place it next to lamps or even track lighting that will add more light to space with reflection.


Get the attention

In a room where there is no fireplace to position your furniture, for instance, a mirror is a great weapon to get attention. A beautiful mirror adds beauty to space. In form of small frames or a big statement mirror, it not only becomes a canvas for displaying your art in an attractive way that is pleasing to eyes but it reflects light thus making a room feel more spacious.

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