Tips to lighting the home

One thing in home decor one should never neglect is good lighting. Trivial it may sound, but good light can make or break the whole vibe of the room if gone wrong. It’s one of the most important elements in design and yet most homes are either under-lit or they end up neglecting their vibrancy and efficiency.

Top key to doing it right is to determine its size and utility. Dive into to understand more about it.


Subtle, ambient

Recessed lights, soffit lighting, track lighting, sconces, chandeliers and pendants lights are some of the general lights that fall in this category. This is used mostly in living rooms and sometimes in bedrooms to give cosiness and definition to space. Further in the kitchen, you can add some general lights along with brighter ones for the right amount of light.


For clear visions, this type of light is used so that you see things you are working on. Here, along with natural light is accent lights (3 times brighter than prior one) that is used to highlight an object or an area of interest. These types of lighting that includes table lamps, pendants lights can be incorporated in kitchens, in the study and along with a dressing table.

Eye candies

Here, chandeliers and semi-flush ceiling mounts are the best resort. For those whose foyer is small, you can replace chandelier with pendant light, two wall sconces and even two buffet lamps on a side table for an inviting entrance. Also, if you have a nice spacious dining area, then a chandelier can be added to up the space game.

Vanity lighting

Deciding on the right amount of light needed, lighting for the bathroom has become a primary part of bath design. The best way to light up your bathroom is by adding sconces above or on sides of the mirrors. For a soothing light that sets the mood up, try adding a small chandelier on top.

Tips to lighting the home

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