White living room or a vibrant living room, what shall you chose between them in 2020

Modern Living Rooms: White or Vibrant


The living room is called the heart of the house. It is the largest space in the house, and it is essential to give it an attractive and desirable look. Some people like to give it an authentic look while others like it in a modern and contemporary way. However, in general, people like their living room specious and with less furniture. Avoiding the crowd of things makes not only makes the room look larger but also allows you to move around the room. People prefer to decorate their living room to display their artwork and deigning test also. So, in short, the living room depicts your personality.


White Living Room


Lots of people like white color in their living rooms. White is the color of simplicity and peace. So, it suits the best to change the mood. Also, white complements any color of the furniture and ceiling. Apart from that, you can set paintings and wall hangings of any color to give an attractive look. Here are some beautiful ideas to give your white living room a fantastic look.


  • You can paint an exposed brick wall or fake it with paint of the same. It will add a contemporary feeling to the room.
  • The use of prop artwork against the walls gives the room a relaxed finishing. Especially if you are a fan of a gallery wall, this is one of the best ideas for you.
  • Patterns and metallics introduce a luxurious finish to your living room.
  • Wooden flooring, paired with a white scheme, gives a classic feeling to the living room. It is perfect for a room with cool, north, or east-facing light.
  • You can pair your white living room with accessorizes like inky velvet sofas, statement wall arts, and standout lights to give it a modern look.
  • The white living room evokes a bright and light feeling. You can enhance that feeling by maximizing the natural light. This also introduces a positive vibe to your living room.
  • A warm focal point adds authenticity and warmth to your room.


There are a lot of other ideas like contrast colored furniture, bookshelves, art galleries, etc. to make your white living room modern, contemporary and magnificent.


Vibrant Living Room


People sometimes get bored with withe and neutral colors. Then it is time to move to a colorful living room. A vibrant living room with color pop and with nice decorations makes you energetic and stress-free. You can decorate your living room with textures and patterns. It welcomes contemporary decoration. To explore new decoration ideas, it is the most suitable option. Here are some best contrasting sheds for your living room.


  • Pop of Blue
  • Orange and Blue
  • Pretty Pink
  • Striking Red
  • Blue and green
  • Sea Green walls
  • Statement orange
  • Bold Stripes
  • Electric Green files
  • Mid-century Terracotta
  • Deep blue wallpaper
  • Old country color
  • Forest green foliage



The above are some excellent ideas to give your living room a different look. The introduction of a different style to your living room can transform your mood and let you feel the way you want to. The living room is the showcase of the house. So, it deserves some attention. To make your dream home complete, provide your living room with the feel you want to.

White living room or a vibrant living room, what shall you chose between them in 2020

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