White living room or a vibrant living room, what shall you chose between them in 2020

A common challenge in front of most of the metro cities is of limited space. But you can overcome it by sensible planning and design in your living room. To make the most of tight spaces, you have to use the right colours, accessories and lights in thrilling ways in order to enhance its beauty.

  • You can give your compact living room a classic European feel by placing a cherry-red sofa and vintage light. The lamp should be big on top but small below and the centre table should leave adequate space for smooth movement. The whole arrangement can be anchored by a carpet. It will offer a more defined look toTop decor ideas for living rooms in metro cities of India space.
  • You can give a modern and energising feel to your compact living room by putting a bright sofa along with clean-lined minimal furniture pieces. The full-length curtains help in making a flawless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. To add depth to a narrow wall, you can put a cluster of framed pictures.
  • If you want to make the most of the corner space available, then you can decorate your tight living room by using an L-shaped sofa. Place it against the full-length window so that it can help in defining a sitting area. It can be brought into further focus by placing a lamp and carpet. For compact living spaces, shades such as creams, greys and beiges are the best.
  • You can create an illusion of more space in your living room by using two textures on the same wall. Two zones of the living and the dining areas can be separated by these textures. You can make your compact living room look not only warm and welcoming but also refreshing and youthful by using vibrant accessories and a shot of fresh colours. You can also have an accent wall in white colour to anchor the sitting area. It will also provide visual relief to the darker palette of the room.
  • You can make space look bigger than it actually is by cleverly layering background to the sofa. Infuse your living room with charm by using soft and soothing colours and textures. It will result in further heightening the sense of spaciousness.
  • The perfect composition of patterns and colours can enhance the beauty of a constricted living space. A subtle background to otherwise neat furniture can be created with lively patterns on the floor. Black-and-white frames on the wall, white light and grey sofa can create the ultimate magic.


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