Quanyou Home Furnishing became the first batch of enterprises in China to be awarded the “Green Supply Chain Five-Star Certification”
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On March 21, 2017, with the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the "Supply-side Structural Reform and Green Supply Chain Management Innovation Seminar" hosted by the Central Joint Certification Center (CEC) and the Shenzhen Furniture Association was held in Shenzhen. China's leading brand in the home furnishing industry, Quanyou Home Furnishing, became the first domestic company to be awarded the "Green Supply Chain Five-Star Certification" by virtue of the industry-leading "full-process green supply chain".

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It is reported that the five-star assessment of green supply chain certification was produced by the organizer through strict selection through preliminary selection and on-site evaluation. During the preliminary selection, the organizer mainly evaluates the candidate company's size, brand influence, quality, and green supply chain construction to produce candidate companies. During the on-site evaluation link, the organizer's experts walked into the candidate company, from management measures, Design, development, supplier management, control of key raw materials, and evaluation of corporate environmental behavior. Strict evaluation indicators, comprehensive evaluation of the company's business philosophy, rules and regulations, business value chain management and other sectors to thoroughly implement the green business philosophy and take practical measures to improve the green index of the supply chain. Under the background that the country vigorously advocates environmental protection and promotes economic transformation, it is undoubtedly of great and practical significance to implement green supply chain evaluation in the furniture industry.

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The environmental protection of furniture products depends on the environmental protection of furniture raw materials, the environmental protection concept of process design, and the environmental protection control of the entire production process. As an enterprise with "green culture" as its core brand requirement, Quanyou Household has always used "full-process green smart manufacturing" as its core carrier to build a full-process green industry from fast-growing forests to R & D design, manufacturing, logistics, and terminals. Chain, continuously provide users with green and environmentally friendly furniture products and services, adding color to the happy home life of thousands of families.

Green source-Quanyou Household invested huge sums of money to establish a fast-growing forest base. Ensure the product's environmental protection from the source.

Green Design-All Friends Home brings together the wisdom of top designers from three major research and development centers in Chengdu, Shenzhen and Milan, Italy, to share the world's cutting-edge international design for consumers for the first time; won the Green Design International Contribution Award four times, and became the global furniture field The first company in the world to receive this award.

Green Intellectual Creation——If a worker wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his weapon. Quanyou Home Furnishing brings together the world's top home production equipment group to escort "green products".

Green services-Constructing a "Happy Service 365" system, providing consumers with green services in an all-weather and all-round way, winning the "China Best After-sales Service Award" for three consecutive years.

From green sources to green services, All Friends Home strictly controls every level to provide consumers with a real green home life. In Quanyou, green is not just a specific environmentally friendly and healthy product, it has become a high ground of value and spiritual belief for all friends. In the future, All Friends Home will continue to implement the brand promise of "Green All Friends, Warm World", adhering to the "green" concept, and providing consumers with a more exciting green home life.